Peloton College Salutes Veterans

You Served us! We Serve you!

“Getting out.”  Those are two small words with a big impact on the life of a soldier, sailor, airman or marine.  Sooner or later, everybody gets out, whether it’s after a four-year hitch or a 30-year career. In large part, how well you make that transition depends on how well you’re prepared to make a living.  At Peloton College, we are here to help. We can help while you attend class and as soon as you graduate.

Veteran Benefits

Peloton College proudly accepts Veteran Benefits as a financing option for current Military students, Veterans or Beneficiaries thereof. Eligible candidates can utilize their Montgomery GI Bill or the Post 9-11 Gill Bill as well to fund for their education. In addition to that, Veterans who also qualify for financial aid can apply and keep their entitled monies for their own personal benefit!

To learn more about VA Benefits and Eligibility, visit

Veterans Affairs

Utilize your VA education benefits

Listed below are the steps necessary for all veterans, new and transfer students, to utilize your VA education benefits. Complete the steps in the order listed and provide copies of documents as noted.

  1. Submit an Application

    Submit an Application for VA Benefits to the Veterans Administration.Please print a copy before submitting.

  2. Provide your Certificate of Eligibility

    This document will be mailed to you from the VA after your application has been processed and your education benefits have been granted.

  3. Provide a copy of your DD-214

    Additional requirements and restrictions may apply accordingly. For a list of frequent questions and support regarding the GI Bill, visit GI Bill Support.

Please contact our Financial Aid office at 214-777-6433 or your VA counselor for additional questions or concerns.