Electronic Health Records

The Electronic Health Records Program provides students vital knowledge in Medical Terminology, Medical Billing and Coding, and furthermost, prepares students to choose, implement, train and maintain electronic health record systems. Graduates of this program will also be eligible to sit for the Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist (CEHRS) Certification.

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Dallas Career Programs - Administrative Medical Coding and Billing

Information Technology

The Information Technology program prepares students to be an IT Professional! Under this program, graduates will learn Network Administration and how to build, troubleshoot and maintain all computer systems. They will also learn to build networks to specifications using Cisco routers and switches. The program also covers the skills required to use OSI and TCP/IP models and protocols and how to Implement IP addressing schemes and IP services using binary numbers.

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Dallas Career Programs - IT Student

Paralegal Program

Paralegals are an integral part of the legal team and demand for these highly trained legal professionals is rising as law firms seek ways to keep legal costs in check. The number of paralegals has doubled in the last decade to nearly 250,000 paralegals in the U.S. The explosive growth of the paralegal profession reflects the increase in paralegal jobs and the demand for well-trained professionals to assist lawyers.

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Dallas Career Programs - Paralegal Program

Medical Assistant Program

Graduates from the Medical Assistant Program will have a working knowledge of all administrative duties including scheduling, billing, and coding, as well as clinical duties including phlebotomy, ECGs, injections, vital signs, emergencies, and assisting practices in daily operations.

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Dallas Career Programs - Medical Assistant Program