Career Services

Dallas Career Services - Peloton College

The Career Services department is available to prepare current students and graduates to plan, prepare and promote their careers. Our Career Services Department offers:

  • Job Placement Assistance – Job placement assistance is available to all students seeking part time jobs while in school and to graduates looking to pursue a career in their prospective field. Candidates will be provided with job leads, job search websites, networking events, career fairs, and more.
  • Resume Writing Skills – Candidates will receive personalized resume reviews and assistance to improve their grammar and formatting skills. They will also be provided with tips, books and guidelines that they can utilize to their preferences.
  • Interviewing Techniques – Tips on how to dress, communication skills and general interview questions will all be provided to prospective candidates seeking employment. The career services department will also conduct mock interviews to better prepare you while in front of a potential employer.
  • Career Advice and Other Services – Students and graduates will also receive advice on some of the difficult choices they may face such as; choosing between two companies, salary negotiations, further education assistance and other topics.